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For entrepreneurs

We support incorporation in Japan and preparation and filing of applications for obtaining Management Visa.

For Japanese companies considering for recruiting Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

We support the procedures for an application for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals such as acquiring the status of residence when recruiting or resignation, extension of employment, absence from work (maternity leave and child care leave), and other various notification procedures necessary for employers. We will also support the staying procedures of the obi families and employees.

To those who considering approval for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals

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Authorization might be required depending on the industry type.
For example, you need a food business license if you are opening a restaurant, or you need antique dealers’ license if you are dealing with second-hand goods.
Our office will take your duty to acquire these licenses.


Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals?

“Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals” is a generic term for foreign workers with specialized skills or knowledge. The Japanese government has actively accepted foreign engineers and specialists and has introduced an incentive measure for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals since 2013 in order to lead to Japan's economic growth and technological innovation.
Foreign residents' activities in Japan are categorized into the following three, "advanced academic research activity", "advanced specialty and technical activities" and "advanced management and management activities".
According to each characteristic, points are set for each item such as academic background, and working history. Those who scored 70 points for each activity are qualify as advanced personnel.

  • 01

    Staying period is 5 years. (Longer than other visas)

  • 02
    The range of activities will expand.
    The scope of activity is limited due to the type of visas respectively, but it will expand by Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa. Those who has Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa shall conduct activities that span multiple status of residence. For example, they can operate his/her own corporation while working in another corporations as an employee (assuming side jobs are not prohibited in the employment company under its corporate rules).
  • 03
    Spouse's activities range also expands.
    As a preferential treatment for Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals, a spouse shall be admitted to obtain legal employment for the following category of work, "research", "education", "box office" or "technology .In order to obtain such permission, the spouse should satisfy certain requirements such as living together with Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals, but the spouse's own academic background and work history are not concerned.
  • 04
    Requirement for obtaining permanent residence permit is relaxed.
    If you will be continuing activities for approximately 5 years with Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa, you will be eligible for applying permanent residence permission in Japan. There is a tendency to be further relaxed going forward.
  • 05

    SThe embarkation formalities and processing for keeping resident status will be prioritized.

  • 06
    It is possible to call forward parents to Japan.
    If Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa holder and his/her spouse are raising children including adopted children under the age of 7, or helping a pregnant spouse with /without Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa, they will be allowed to call forward parents including adopted parents living outside Japan or under the certain requirement.
  • 07
    Accompanying domestic servants can also be permitted.
    Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa holders are permitted to accompany domestic servants under certain conditions.
  • 08
    Merit 1 to 7 above is applied to the first Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa holders. Regarding 2nd Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa holders, the period of stay will be indefinite.

Notification of employment situation of foreigners

Under the Employment Measures Law, notification of employment status of foreigners is required when employers hire foreigners or foreigners leave their jobs. It is obligatory for employers to confirm their name and status of residence as well as reporting to labor office.
For detailed description method for notification of Highly Skilled Foreign Professionals Visa Holders under advanced employment preferential treatment system, please click here.