Message from CEO

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Message from CEO

Our mission is to make clients’life richer by assisting their business development and asset protection.
For your bright future, we offer the best measures and assist your success.

Representative of MAC Consulting Group
Chairman, CEO, Representative director of K.K. MAC Consultants
President & Representative Partner of Midland Certified Tax Accountant Inc.

Koichi Saito

Profile-Koichi Saito
Concurrent post

・Professor, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business finance accounting course
・Representative, Nagoya University of Commerce and Business research institute of business succession


・Doctor of Juridical Science, Japanese Certified Licensed Tax Accountant, Small and Medium Enterprise
・Management Consultants, Administrative Scrivener, CFP, Associate member of Japanese Institute of Certified Public Accountants

Academic background and public office

・Born in 1949
・Earned credit for doctorial course in Law at Nagoya University of Commerce and Business-Major in Companies Act
・Taxation Committee member at Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry
・Commissioner of Small and Medium Enterprise Business
・Administrative director of NPO Chubu Teisyaku Organization


Member of Japan association of private law, Japan Tax Jurisprudence Association, Sozei Sosyo Gakkai, The Japan Society for Business Succession, and Japan Academic society for Financial Planning.

Area of expertise

As a Japanese certified tax accountant, I offer tax planning service making excellent use of Companies Act, Civil Code, and Japan Tax Law. Especially, our main service is inheritance or business succession planning, in fact, we have specialized in Property tax.
I also instruct students of NUBC as a professor in Companies Act, Tax planning and Business succession in the conviction that Japanese certified tax accountant should be a lawyer.

Main book

・New Companies Act for heads of small and medium-sized businesses (Collective writing in March 2006, Economic Legal Research Institution)

・Text tracing manual A model of articles of incorporation for small and medium-sized or large company’s subsidiary (Collective writing in July 2006, DAI-ICHI HOKI Co., Ltd.)

・Tax system revision and Companies Act for management of small and medium-sized entities (Collective writing in October 2007, Economic Legal Research Institution)

・Business Succession for Small and Medium Enterprises (8th edition) (Collective writing in June 2017, SEIBUNSHA CO., LTD. PUBLISHERS)

・Legal affairs and taxation for selling of private limited company shares (5th edition) (Collective writing in June 2017, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.)

・The basis of tax affairs for organizational restructuring and capital transactions (3rd edition) (Collective writing in September 2017, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.)

・Legal affairs and taxation of the Employee Stock Ownership for business succession (3rd edition) (Collective writing in December 2015, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.)

・Tax payment grace period and exemption from tax payment for business succession (Collective writing in July 2017, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.)

・Legal affairs and taxation of Partnerships (Mochibun-Gaisya), General Incorporated Association, and Trust for business succession (Collective writing in October 2015, CHUOKEIZAI-SHA, Inc.)